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Most business owners are aware that if their employees are satisfied, their performance will improve. Employee satisfaction can also have an impact on how satisfied or dissatisfied customers are. It doesn't matter whether there are a handful of employees or thousands of employees, understanding how they feel about their employment is a key factor in employer/employee relations. Creating an Employee Satisfaction Survey on SmartSurvey is one of the best ways to measure how employees feel about many different aspects of employment in the workplace.

This form of analysis will help you discover where you could be going wrong and help improve the working environment for your staff.

SmartSurvey offers a solution that allows you to easily create an Employee questionnaire and then view the results in real time, in the form of charts, percentages and raw data.

SmartSurvey is a UK based company that offers a professional online survey software that is easy to use, whether you want to create your own Employee Satisfaction Survey or use one of our ready-made templates. Here are just a few of the templates we have developed:

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What our clients think:

"Dogs Trust has found SmartSurvey invaluable for finding out the opinions of or supporters in an easy format. The survey was simple to set up it but looked very professional to our supporters. We can only thank SmartSurvey for all their help."
Charlotte Blunden
Questionnaire Maker
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