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Questionnaire - Consumer Behaviour of Malaysian restaurants

Dear Respondent,

The purpose of this questionnaire is to evaluate the respondent’s views and perceptions of Malaysian restaurants in the United Kingdom and analysis of the consumer purchase decision making process.

This survey is part of the research process of the Master of Business Administration degree awarded by the University of Wales.

Please fill the questionnaire below and the generated data shall be kept confidential.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated and treated with the strictest confidence.

If in doubt please contact me on: 0756 4710 777 or email:

Thank you for your cooperation.
Kind Regards, 

Hamzah F. M. Nordin

MBA Student, University of Wales

Part 1: Consumer Behaviour Analysis
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Please answer the following questions appropriately to indicate your judgement. (Please tick appropriate box)
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What is the most important factor in choosing a restaurant?
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Who influences you to go to a Malaysian restaurant?
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What motivates you to go to a Malaysian restaurant? (You can choose up to 3 answers)
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How often do you eat at Malaysian restaurants?
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What style of Malaysian Restaurants would you prefer?
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On average, how many people do you dine with when eating out in Malaysian restaurants? 
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What meal do you eat out most frequently? 
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What type of Malaysian food do you prefer the most? 
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How do you usually go to the Malaysian restaurants? 

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Which type of meal do you prefer? 

Question Separator
Which type of ingredients do you prefer? 
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What is your most preferred occasion to eat out at Malaysian restaurants? 

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How much normally do you spend for a meal in Malaysian restaurants? 
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Do you find that having a well description of the menu at Malaysian restaurants useful? 
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Are you aware of the Malaysia Kitchen 2010 campaign in the UK? 
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What is/are your favourite Malaysian restaurant(s) in the UK? All restaurants are located in London area unless otherwise stated. (You can choose up to 4 restaurants)
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