Work Values Test


1. Success at work is of high value to me.


2. My opinion is valued at work.


3. I value the challenges my work brings me.


4. I value how open communication is between myself, my manager and my colleagues.


5. I value the amount of recognition I receive at work.


6. I find that my time at work passes quickly.


7. I respect the advice and opinion (on work matters) of my manager.


8. I value the work I do.


9. My own goals align with the goals of most of my work colleagues.


10. I enjoy working with my manager.


11. I can rely upon the support of my manager and team colleagues.


12. I value the time I spent with my team colleagues.


13. It is of value to me to be the best at what I do.


14. My work is more valuable to me than many of my friends.


15. The value of my education is apparent in the work I do.


16. My work is of little value to me.


17. My work is of value to the wider public.