From the Mills to the Tower

From the Mills to the Tower
The Rishton PROSPECTS Panel is looking to secure funding to develop an industrial heritage themed public art installation, posters and maps at Rishton Train Station.  This is being done in association with Northern Rail and Community Rail Lancashire.

The theme of the installation is 'From the Mills to the Tower' and focuses on the station's role in enabling workers from the local mills and factories to escape to Blackpool during the annual 'Wakes Weeks'.

A lot of research and background work has already been put into the idea and negotiations have already taken place with Network Rail.

A funding bid for part of the project has already been successful but we need more funding to complete the project.

Please have a look at the following images and let us know your thoughts, comments and support so that we can finalise our bid to the funder.
On the Blackburn-bound platform

We are proposing to install a cut-out structure behind the Rishton stone sign.

Below is a draft sketch showing how this may look. 

Local Rishton artist, Ursula Hurst of Art Daze, will be working with the local primary schools to develop the theme and produce a dozen panels that will make up the installation.

On the Accrington-bound platform

In addition to the cut-out installation on the Blackburn bound platform Ursula is working with local Rishton primary schoolchildren to create posters in the style that mill workers would have seen on the platform.  However, the content of the posters will highlight modern Rishton.


1. Do you support the Rishton PROSPECTS Panel in their bid to make this happen? *


2. If you said YES above, why do you think it is a good idea?


3. If you said NO above, why not? (we honestly welcome your comments)


4. Do you have any other suggestions / comments on what would add to the project?

Station user survey

In addition to the survey about the artwork, we have also included a few questions for you to pass on comments and suggestions on how the station could be improved to make your journey as pleasurable as possible.  We can then pass these answers on to Community Rail Lancashire and Network Rail.

5. Getting back to the present day, are there any comments about the station and how your use of it could be improved? (We will pass these on to our contact at Network Rail)


6. Regarding your use of the station, how often do you use trains from Rishton station?
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During the day

7. And for what reason do you use the train?
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8. Would you like to help the Rishton Prospects Panel at the station or on other projects elsewhere in Rishton?