Neighbourhood Regeneration Evaluation


1. Living in this neighbourhood now
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Dear resident or former North Kensington resident,

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions about your neighbourhood. This survey forms part of a study of regeneration outcomes in Colville over the past 30 years.  The results contribute to research for Anglia Ruskin University about whether local people have benefited from regeneration in the long term and how to improve future programmes.  

Please answer all questions from your own view.

All information from this survey will remain anonymous, unless you are specifically asked and agree to any of your quotes being used.  The survey opening has been extended until 15 May 2016. 

You can find contact details for the researcher at the end of this questionnaire.


1. Please indicate when you moved to Colville ward:


2. Thinking about your neighbourhood as it is now, please indicate your view about the following issues:

2.1 Quality of the environment - safety
2.2 Access to public open space
2.3 The cost of renting reasonably priced housing here
2.4 The cost of buying a house or apartment in the neighbourhood
2.5 Access to food shopping
2.6 Access to community resources
2.7 Choice of local representative
2.8 Overall feeling of neighbourhood
2.9 Cleanliness and maintenance of local streets

3. If you've lived here less than 10 years, what attracted you to the area?