Buy online locally from your local shops - Survey to establish interest

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1. Do you currently buy groceries from the High Street?


2. If you answered 'yes' to question one, what are the key drivers? If you answered no please tell us why in the comment box below


3. Do you currently buy any of your groceries or other shopping online?


4. If yes, would you mind telling us about your current online shopping habits. Would you say you do your shopping online:


5. Thinking about the new service we described, how likely is it that would use this service?

If you tick 'unlikely' or ‘wouldn’t use this service’ could you please answer question Six. If you tick any of the first three please go to question seven and continue with the survey


6. If you wouldn’t use this service could you possibly specify why not, and, if there is anything we could do to make the service more appealing?


7. Would you use this service in place of your main current online shopping source (major supermarket shops etc)?


8. Which of the following types of local shops would you be likely to buy from if they had an online platform?


9. Which of these would you prefer:


10. If you do use the service what do you predict your usage might be?


11. What would be a fair delivery charge that you would be willing to pay?


12. Would you be happy to tell us how much you currently spend online per month on groceries & consumables?


13. If you were to use this platform what would you expect to see in terms of delivery options. Please tick more than one


14. Would a ‘show previous basket/order’ option be an attractive feature to you?


15. Would you be prepared to participate as part of a future test/focus group? Please leave your email address in the comments box below to enable us to contact you.

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