Aspiring Leaders 2018/19

Join this year’s vibrant group of future school leaders. Work together with schools from across London and beyond. You will be assigned a Head Teacher as your mentor to work with you across the year, receive coaching and mentoring training and participate in exciting professional development workshops facilitated by Head Teachers and NLEs.

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5. Do you identify yourself as BAME (Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic)?
Note: London needs a leaders from all ethnic backgrounds to represent our local communities. *


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9. Leadership Aspirations: *


10. Are you currently teaching in, or aspiring to lead in, a school with a religious character?
If yes, please specify which faith(s) schools you would be interested in working in (eg RC/ CoE/ Jewish/ Muslim / any etc) *


11. Have you discussed your aspirations with your headteacher and does he/ she support your school leadership aspirations? *


12. Have you previously received scholarship funding from the National College for Leadership Development? If yes, please provide the year and programme for which you were funded. *


13. Which best describes your leadership aspirations *


14. Full name and address of your school: *


15. Name of your Headteacher:


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17. Please provide a brief summary of your career to date and evidence you are a prospective talented future Headteacher or Middle/ Senior Leader for London *