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Draft Autism (Wales) Bill


1. Introduction
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My name is Paul Davies. I am an Assembly Member (AM) for Preseli Pembrokeshire.

The National Assembly for Wales said I could try to get a new autism law for Wales. I will call this law the Autism (Wales) Bill.

To help me write the Autism (Wales) Bill I asked people for their ideas. I asked what they thought should be in it. Their responses are listed at responses to the first Autism (Bill) consultation.

The Bill would require the Welsh Government to publish an autism strategy and guidance on how it should be used.  The current Welsh Government already has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder Strategic Action Plan, but the Bill would make sure that there would always be an autism strategy, even if the government changed.
I used what people said to write a draft Bill. Now I would like you to read my first draft of the Bill. And tell me what you think about it.
You can tell me what you think about any part of it (this is the last of the 19 questions in this survey).

But there are some things I would really like your thoughts about. I have written some questions about these things. You can answer as many of the questions as you would like.

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