Use of JNCC's ECJ caselaw database
1. Use of JNCC’s database on European Court of Justice (ECJ) caselaw (covering the Habitats and Birds Directives)
Thank you for using JNCC’s ECJ caselaw database. This survey aims to: (a) assess its current and future relevance, in particular in view of the UK's future exit from the EU; (b) assess the need to make improvements to the database content, design and functionality; and, (c) your willingness to pay a subscription fee for future access to the database.

1. About you


2. How would you rate the ECJ database?

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly AgreeDon't know
Information is relevant
The level of detail is appropriate
The database is comprehensive
The database is user-friendly

3. How often do you use the database?


4. What do you use the database for?


5. Given the UK's imminent departure from the EU, would you still consider the information contained in the database as relevant? If you think the information will remain relevant please explain why in the comments box.

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly AgreeI don't know
Information will remain relevant after the UK's exit from the EU
I will continue to use the database after the UK's exit from the EU
Information will remain relevant up until the UK's exit from the EU (including any agreed transition period)

6. In order to continue updating the database, JNCC will have to charge a subscription fee from April 2018. The subscription fee will depend on the number of subscribers to cover the running costs of the database. Would you be prepared to subscribe to this service and pay an appropriate fee?

Yes, I would be interested in subscribing to it and pay an appropriate fee
No, I would not subscribe to it
It would depend on the amount of the subscription fee
I don't know

7. If you are prepared to pay a subscription fee for the use of the database, how much would you be willing to pay?

YesNoI don't know
£50 per annum
Between £50-£100 per annum
Between £100 - £150 per annum

8. What additional information or improvements to the database would you find useful?


9. How did you hear about this database?


10. Do you have any additional comments?