Hastings Fat Tuesday Audience Survey


1. Which Fat Tuesday event/s are you attending?


2. If you've been to more than one Fat Tuesday event, which ones were your favourite?


3. Which of these statements is closest to your experience of the festival?


4. What three words describe how you feel about the event or festival?


5. What made you come to this event?


6. How did you hear about the festival?


7. Have you come to the Fat Tuesday festival in previous years?


8. Where do you live?


9. If you don't live here and are staying the night, where are you staying?


10. What age group are you?


11. What gender are you?


12. Would you like to sign up to our Newsletter?


13. What is your preferred way of receiving information about next year's Fat Tuesday festival?


14. How can we make Fat Tuesday even better next year?