FreeUp - Living Respectfully: Enquiring about training for coaches (in the UK)


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6. Thank you very much for expressing interest in the training we offer to professionals to be able to deliver our 'FreeUP - Living Respectfully' programme for boys and young men. We assume you have read the programme descriptors that are on our website. Training can be run in any area (town, city, Local Authority or county) with a minimum of 14 participants coming together. There is a maximum group size of 20.

The same training session can be accessed by more than one organisation - in fact it usually is - coming together for the training. This actually has an inbuilt networking benefit which people tell us they view positively. So your organisation doesn't have to provide 14 (min) trainees (but it can do if you have that scale of organisation).

We strongly recommend at least 2 trainees per organisation - for future peer-support in co-delivery and to avoid losing the skillset as a result of staff turnover. We also strongly recommend the trainees be a mix of male and female so the co-delivery in itself models a healthy, respectful relationship.

How many staff from your organisation would you like to have trained and what is the approximate split in terms of male and female?


7. The training is delivered in two Phases:
Phase 1 ( comprising 2 consecutive days) focuses on understanding the nature and dynamics of
abusive relationships and explores the beliefs and attitudes abusers hold. It further explores power and privilege and how women are traditionally viewed in society.

Phase 2 (comprising 2 consecutive days, typically a few weeks later (the break being intended as a practical help to agencies where taking 4 consecutive days out for training is problematic but which also allows for reflective thought after Phase 1) focuses on the socialisation of gender beliefs and how they can contribute to a deficit in respect and a legitimisation of coercive control and/or violent behaviours. In Phase 2 we look in detail at engaging with young men in the supportive,
challenging dialogue that is the essence of the FreeUP - Living Respectfully Programme. We look closely at restrictions and limitations placed on boys and young men by various understandings of 'masculinity' and 'manliness'. We also explore group facilitation skills and learn to use the FreeUP - Living Respectfully coach's manual.

The cost of the programme is £500 per person for the full 4 days training. In addition, coaches each receive:
  • A detailed 8 'lesson' manual that will offer support, whilst not being prescriptive, for an extended dialogue covering essential themes.
  • Access to a secure online resources area where coaches can download and upload materials that relate thematically to the elements of the programme
  • Free ongoing support from A CALL TO MEN UK by phone and email - plus social media spaces (twitter and facebook)

Can your organisation offer a venue in which the training can take place? It would need to be a comfortable space for between 14 and 22 people, with audio-visual facilities. If you can, we can negotiate a discount for host organisations.



Once we receive a minimum of 14 trainee requests from a defined area / town/ city / Local Authority we will email you back with suggested dates for training in that area / town/ city / Local Authority.
When we contact you with this information please confirm your interest as soon as possible as there may well be over-subscription in your area.

Please can you indicate your maximum journey time to attend training in your region / city / Local Authority. This will help us plan groupings. *


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