Kensington Group Practice
Patient survey 2018-2019

The NHS as a whole faces unprecedented pressure and change at this time; we find ourselves operating in a more difficult environment than ever before.

However we continue to seek to innovate to see how we can best continue to provide good patient care.

You, our patient, have a valuable role to play in helping us plan our services, and help us shape where we can make improvements, through your valuable feedback.

Please be assured your responses will be fully confidential, and we do not ask for your name on the completed survey, nor can we link your responses to you.

We thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, and look forward to hearing your responses, so we can continue to improve our service to you.

You may also receive notification of this survey by email, text, or see a link to it on our practice website. 

Please complete the survey only once.

Please complete the survey by 18th February 2019.


Thank you for your time.

Dr Una Canning, Dr Gareth Conway, Dr Lucy Gunning, Dr Scott Killiner, Dr Mark Heron, 
Mr Alan Erwin and all our staff


A little about you.

We can reassure you that the results of this survey are fully confidential and cannot be linked back to you in any way. But the following responses will help us interpret the responses we receive.

Please provide your gender:


Which age group would you fall into?


Primarily, which surgery would you attend?


How often have you visited us this year?


How often have you phoned us this year?