Edtech Special Interest Group

Expression of Interest: Edtech Special Interest Group
As a company involved with the education technology sector (Edtech) we would like to invite you to be a part of a special interest group, working with other companies in your sector to grow the industry in Wales.
The global Edtech sector was estimated to be worth £45bn in 2015, and expected to grow to £129bn by 2020 (source: London & Partners and Edtech UK) 
The ESTnet would like to bring Edtech companies in Wales together to ensure that you have every opportunity to reach your potential through collaboration.
As a group we can discuss opportunities and challenges, issues and solutions, and work together to strengthen the industry in Wales as well as your organisation.
To register your interest please complete the details below. The ESTnet will be in touch very shortly to update you on progress and arrange a first meeting before the end of August. Companies of all sizes and stages of business are welcome to be a part of the group.