Community activities on Woodnook Vale, Peel Park & The Coppice

The PROSPECTS Foundation are the local community-owned environmental charity for Hyndburn.  We are planning to do some community activities on Peel Park/The Coppice and Woodnook Vale in 2016 and 2017 which will help people learn more and care more about these areas of nature and enjoy spending time there with friends and family.

We would like to know your thoughts on whether you would like to be involved and what kinds of activities you would like to take part in.

Our deadline to complete this survey is Friday 25th September 2015.  Many thanks

1. Are you familiar with the areas known locally as 'Peel Park', 'The Coppice' and 'Woodnook Vale' in Accrington?
Please tick any you are familiar with

  • YesNo

2. Do you know anything about the industrial history of any of these areas?


3. Do you know anything about the wildlife and plant life that lives in these areas?


4. Do you use these areas at all, e.g. for walking, cycling, running, exercising your dog, looking at nature, community activities etc?


5. If you don't use these areas, are there any reasons why not?


6. Would you like to get involved in learning more about these areas, e.g.:

Please tick all that you might be interested in


7. Would you like to get involved in caring for these areas, e.g.:

Please tick all that you might be interested in


8. What times and days of the week would you be able to volunteer?

Please tick all that apply.


9. Would you get involved on your own or preferably with friends, family or part of a community group?


10. If you are part of a community or school group, how many people in the group do you think might get involved?


11. Do you or anyone in your group have any access needs? This could mean access to information as well as physical access to the sites themselves?


12. Do you have any other comments?


13. Finally, if it's OK with you, please leave your e-mail address, phone number and name so that we can contact you when the project starts (depending on funding)?