Canine Bereavement and End of Life


1. This questionnaire has been designed to help us better understand your views on Pet Bereavement and End of Life care. We welcome opinions from pet owners of dogs currently alive, as well as those who have passed, but ask that owners whose dogs have passed already to answer based on their views prior to their dog(s) death. If you are a multi-dog household, please answer based on one of your dogs.

Is your dog: *


2. And are you: *


3. What age are you? *


4. Are you the main care giver for your dog(s)? *


5. How old is/was your dog? *

0-2 years2-4 years4-6 years6-8 years8-10 years10-12 years12-14 years14 years and over
My dog is

6. Did/is your dog suffering from, or are suspected of suffering from any of the following health conditions? *

ArthritisSpondylosisIntervertebral Disk DiseaseDysplasiaCancerLiver DiseaseHeart DiseaseDiabetesEpilepsyOther (please comment below)No known medical conditions
My dog has

7. Thank you. When thinking about the term "End of Life", what does this mean to you? *


8. Thinking about your life with your dog, please grade the below based on how they reflect your lives. *

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeither Agree or DisagreeDisagreeStrongly disagree
My dog is the most important member of the household
My dog will be put to sleep if he is diagnosed with any health condition
I spend time reading articles and books to improve my role as a dog owner
My dog is a much loved pet but my family have to come first.
My dog deserves the absolute best I can within my means
My dog will get all medication(s) and therapies he needs
I would prefer for my dog to pass away naturally
My dog will be put to sleep if I cannot afford to look after him
My dog will be put to sleep if he is suffering with no sign of improvement or treatment available

9. Do you suffer with Anticipatory Grief?
(Anticipatory grief is any feeling of grief occurring before an impending loss) *


10. Have you ever discussed End of Life plans with your Vet or Veterinary Nurse? *


11. Have you ever discussed your dog's End of Life with any of the following (please select all that apply) *


12. Out of the following, how many have you heard or know about? *


13. Out of the following Bereavement services, how many have you heard about? *


14. How would you prefer to receive information about a dog's End of Life and options available? *


15. And finally, when thinking about the loss of, or impending loss of your dog, please select all the emotions that apply (in no particular order). *

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