The Global Recruiter Compliance Survey 2019

Welcome to The Global Recruiter Survey 2019. This survey has been designed to ask you to tick boxes and give answers of only a few words. It should take only a few minutes of your time.

The object of the survey is to produce a high-level overview over compliance activities and concerns among recruiters. Some questions are repeated from last year in order to give us comparable data. Others are new for this year. The results will appear in the Global Recruiter Compliance Special Issue out in March.

The results will also be shared across the industry in order to inform future compliance initiatives and to help industry bodies and organisations create and develop relevant compliance solutions and advice.

All responses will be treated confidentially and only the overall figures will be published.


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1a. Which organisations and suppliers do you use as part of your compliance activity? Please state below. *


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2. Which compliance related activity takes up the most amount of your time every month? *


3. Which areas of compliance are dealt with in your recruiting process (both internally or through an external source)? (Please tick all that apply) *


4a. How much time per week do you estimate is taken up with understanding compliance and updating/ensuring your systems are compliant? *


4b. Has this time increased or decreased for your company in the last 12 months? *


5. How is compliance managed in your business? (Please tick all that apply) *


6. Which resources do you depend on to ensure you are up to date with compliance issues? Please tick all that apply *


7a. How easy is it to ensure your supply chain partners are compliant? *


7b. Is it easier or harder for you to ensure your supply chain partners are compliant compared with 12 months ago? *


8. How do you feel about the amount of compliance activity required from the recruitment sector? *


9. Do you think compliance standards are sufficiently monitored and those not meeting the standard penalised sufficiently? *


10. Who do you think should be responsible for upholding standards and penalizing those who do not meet them? (Please tick all that apply) *


11. In the last 12 months, how disruptive has it been to your business to meet new compliance standards? *


12a. Do you 'skills test' your candidates? *


12b. If yes, how is this carried out? (Please tick all that apply)


13. Are your candidates excluded from being placed if they are not compliant? *


14. Are you GDPR compliant? *


15. Are your technology systems adequate for the demands of GDPR? *


16. How challenging is it to ensure GDPR compliance throughout the supply chain? *


17. Are you making plans to deal with 'off payroll' in the private sector? *


18. Did the IR35 Public Sector changes impact on your company? *


19a. Are you aware of the implications of the Criminal Finances Act? *


19b. Have you made any changes to your business and compliance processes as a direct result of the Criminal Finances Act? *


20. Do you view compliance as a hinderance or an opportunity to deliver high levels of service? *


21. Which of these orders best reflects how your clients prioritize compliance - from most to least important: *