Wonder- Schools Feedback

Changing Faces is a UK Charity which provides support, information and advice for people with a mark, scar or condition that affects their appearance; helping them to live the life they want. Changing Faces aims to create an enlightened society, which fully accepts and values people who look different through the #FaceEquality campaign. Changing Faces is hopeful that Wonder will be another positive and revolutionary step towards raising awareness and achieving Face Equality in the UK. Changing Faces is looking for you to complete some questions on the Wonder resources we have created in order for us to review their effectiveness and make necessary changes for the future. Thank you in advance.

1. The aim of the education activity pack is to allow young people to have a space to explore the issues surrounding looking different and appearance related bullying, as highlighted in the film. Do you think the young people were able to achieve this aim?


2. There are a number of difference activities for the young people to complete. On a scale of 1-10 (10- very engaged, 1-not very engaged) how engaged do you think the young people were with this resource?


3. Do you think that the resources you used helped to engage the young people? If not, how could we improve the resource?


4. Do you think appearance related bullying is acceptable in schools?


5. Imagine someone with a mark, scar or condition came up to you and asked you a question... How would you feel?


6. What word would best describe your thoughts on the film?