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1. Introduction
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We have been extremely impressed with Tiggly's products so far and so are supporting them in their efforts to spread the word in the UK. They officially launch in the UK on 24th July and want to make sure they have enough reviews on Amazon to give consumers a concept of what the products are like.

We are looking for 20 people to review each of the three products. 
We will select reviewers on a first come first served basis. 

You can choose to receive a free copy of one or more of the products (to fit the ages of your children) for you to keep and in exchange we ask for you to submit your review to Amazon before 22nd July.

You are of course more than welcome to also review the products elsewhere - e.g. on your own blog or social media or via Currys or Apple Store where they are also available - the client would be delighted but that's entirely optional. 

We will provide the Amazon review guidelines and links to where and how to submit your review once you've signed up. The only requirement is that you have an Amazon account and have bought something from them in the past. You will need to state in your review that you received a free copy of the Tiggly product you are reviewing. 

Also, your children will need to play with Tiggly on a tablet. Tiggly Shapes and Math work on both iPads and Android tablets, Tiggly Words is currently only available for iPads.

Just to be clear, you will not have to do separate reviews for the 3 separate apps that come with each product, just 1 overall review per product.

We are currently reviewing Tiggly Words ourselves but here are links to our reviews of Tiggly Shapes and Tiggly Math.