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We have listened to many of our customers and are looking into the prospect of developing a kitchen with deli & café facilities. This will enable us to further diversify and provide homemade produce which is made on the farm from our own farm produced items.

We would be extremely grateful if you would spare five to ten minutes of your time to answer a few questions.

Everyone who fully completes our questionnaire will be automatically entered into our prize draw for the chance to win one of our Mid-Week Meal Boxes worth £45!
A Mid-Week Meal Box contains: 4 x 200g Boneless Pork Chops / 2 x 225g Sirloin Steaks / 1 x 400g Frying Steak Strips / 6 x Oyster Chicken Thighs / 4 x B/less Chicken Breasts / 1 x 400g Diced Pork / 2 x 400g Lean Beef Mince / 1 x 400g Diced Lamb Shoulder / 6 x Pork Sausages / 1 x 400g Back Bacon

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