Venue Observation Survey


1. What is the name and location of the venue for which you are completing this survey?


2. What kind of venue is this? Choose one.


3. Does the venue have an in-house PA system (e.g. permanent loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones)?


4. What BEST describes the main type of music on the day/night of the visit? Choose one.


5. What best describes the type of event?


6. Roughly to which age brackets do the people in the room belong? Tick all that apply.


7. What is the door charge? Specify minimum and maximum ticket price if necessary – if only one price, enter it into the minimum box; if no charge, enter zero.


8. What were the opening times on Thursday 9th March 2017?

Venue open
Show start time
Show finish time
Venue close (if different to above)

9. Estimate the number of patrons in each live music area/room AT THE TIME OF YOUR VISIT


10. Is there step-free access from the pavement to the performance area (e.g. lifts, ramps and level surfaces for wheelchair users)?


11. Is there an accessible (disabled) toilet?


12. On average, how many days/nights a week does the venue host/stage live music?


13. On which nights of the week does this usually happen?


14. How many people are/were employed at the venue for the event? If possible, check with venue staff OR enter figures based on your observation.


15. What is the licensed capacity of the venue for live music?


16. What is the MAXIMUM number of patrons expected in these live music areas/rooms on this night? You may need to speak to the person on the door or base this on observation at the busiest point of the event (the start of a concert, for example).


17. What was the final total audience number at the venue for the Census day/night event?


18. Did you speak to a member of staff in order to answer the above questions? If 'yes', please enter their name/job title in the box below.


19. Full name of volunteer completing this survey.

Please include your email address if you have not already given this to your local Census co-ordinator.

You have completed this survey!

Thank you for completing this survey.