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Site Security Engineer

Launched in 2010, SmartSurvey has rapidly grown into one of the leading online survey suppliers to major brands across all sectors. Our software allows for the design, capture, reporting, and analysis of virtually any type of data and is a trusted supplier to over 400,000+ customers worldwide.

Due to continued strong growth and the desire to make something that even more customers want to use, we are looking for talented individuals to join our team, to help us continue to flourish and grow our product.

Depending on the person, the role can be remote or part-remote/part-office based.

SmartSurvey Culture

  • Proactive - we make things happen instead of waiting for them to
  • Innovative - we think of clever solutions to old problems
  • Self-motivating - we do it because we enjoy doing it
  • Customer aware - we know that business needs to be customer-driven
  • Best-practice - We produce the best solutions rather than doing things quickly
  • Agile - We are always looking to move things more efficiently L-R
  • Ambitious for growth

The Role

SmartSurvey as a SaaS business has grown from a simple single-hosting system based on IIS and .Net to a multi-site automated operation combining .Net/IIS with microservices including applications now running on dotnet core using node js.

This role will involve being a champion for code and system security, working partly with the Development team to help them adapt a secure development lifecycle as well as working with the Operations team to introduce things like automated security testing, Docker image scanning and any other tools that would help us ensure we are maintaining a high level of security.

Reporting to the Head of Technology, you will be able to provide expertise and add value to our systems as the company seeks to grow both in the UK and globally.

You will get to create and configure new tooling and new security infrastructure to support our global goals and become our first security hire so there will be exciting opportunities to make your mark and prove yourself as we scale out even further.

The Person We Are Looking For

We are looking for someone who can immediately provide security expertise, not only in process or theory but also with automated tooling and scanning. The following is an example of the types of work in our backlog:

  • Setting up automated Docker image security scanning in the CI/CD pipeline
  • Audit and configure security on Kubernetes clusters
  • Setup regularly security scans on our production systems for vulnerabilities
  • Setup regular port scans on our infrastructure
  • Provide ongoing training and guidance to developers in order for them to work securely
  • Audit code to ensure security is configured correctly

We are looking for people with a good attitude to the job, their team mates and their own effectiveness. This includes communicating well with others and taking feedback well. It also involves respecting the opinions of others and learning how to discuss and resolve issues.

At SmartSurvey, we are not looking for people who just "want a job" but those who are genuinely interested in development and who enjoy this type of work. We believe the best work is carried out by people who really understand the need for their role and who enjoy making best-practice decisions rather than making something “just work”.

We provide a friendly and supportive work environment in which to be productive but we are looking for individuals who are pragmatic enough to get things done but intelligent enough to know what could or should be improved.

There are a good number of training options at SmartSurvey to fill-in gaps in knowledge.

Required Skills & Experience

  • An understanding of Devops tooling and automation
  • Previous experience configuring security in Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience configuring and running automated security tooling
  • A real desire to succeed and to improve their own skillset
  • Confidence in discussing work with others
  • Ability to get on with others and work as a team
  • A strong understanding of DNS and networks as they relate to production web systems

Additional Desirable Skill Set

  • Automated logging with Prometheus/Kibana including designing good data tools
  • Experience of automated software testing
  • Experience managing Windows including registry and IIS configuration
  • Experience configuring Linux including files, firewalls, ssh
  • Configuration of networks and firewalls on AWS and/or Azure
Job Type:

Full time, permanent


Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire


How we operate

We work as a team, with a relatively informal comms structure. We have a relaxed, yet productive work environment and your sense of humour will be richly rewarded by your work colleagues.

Where We Work

We are based in Tewkesbury at the Basepoint Business Centre, easily accessible from the M5. You will enjoy a modern office environment with plenty of parking and a comfortable break-out area for those down-time moments.
Location: SmartSurvey Ltd. Basepoint Business Centre, Oakfield Close, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 8SD

We look forward to hearing from you...