Evaluation of Licensed Game Engines Questionnaire



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The aim of this research is an attempt to ascertain the reasons why a developer would choose a specific licensed game engine. This includes, but is not limited to, game engine preference, reasons for choosing such software, the engines impact on development and personal highlights and gripes with the software.

Participants have a clear choice to remain anonymous, however I do request that you input your name, job title and detail any successes you may have had with licensed game engine software. This information will add substantial credibility to the research considering your industry experience.

I would like you to take as little or as long as you like as any feedback, thoughts, insights and time taken to complete this questionnaire are highly appreciated.

Should you have any questions regarding this survey/questionnaire, do not hesitate to contact either myself, or my dissertation supervisor Dean Park.

Dean Park: dean.park@blackpool.ac.uk

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Robert Bridge: 30016354@blackpool.ac.uk

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