FORM WRA: Applicant details and proposal outline


Application type and fee


Please generate a reference number. It should start with "WR" followed by your organisation or company name and today's date in four-digit format (DDMM) without spaces or punctuation.


Please use this use this number throughout this application. This reference number can also be used for your BACS reference if paying electronically.


For the application types listed, complete this form and/or the relevant additional forms named below. Tick the type of application you are applying for. Please refer to our Find out if you need a licence web-page for an explanation for the different licence types. If your proposal involves multiple licence types, tick all that apply.

See our Charges for abstraction and impoundment applications web page for details of application fees and how to pay.

If you're applying for a Groundwater Investigation Consent, only complete form WRC.
If you're applying for an administrative variation to existing licences, only complete form WRF.

Please provide existing licence serial number, if applicable


Please indicate how you wish to pay your application fee. If paying by BACS, please quote the reference number created in question 1 when setting up the bank transfer.

If paying by cheque, please ensure you add the six digit cheque number below. *


Please add your BACS reference below


If paying by cheque, please add the cheque number below (usually on bottom left of cheque)