Share your #ConfusingComms

Thank you for getting involved with our #ConfusingComms campaign

By sharing your experience of a confusing communication (this can be a letter, text, email, voicemail, poster...) from the NHS, you’ll be helping local health services to understand how their communication to patients can be improved. 

You can take a photo of the confusing communication and upload it below, or if you don't want to/can't upload a picture - please still tell us how the communication made you feel, and what could have been improved.

About the campaign
We want to gather examples of poorly worded/written hospital/health care communications, to report and share back with local health services. With this feedback, services will be able to identify how their communications could be improved so that patients feel confident, safe, and reassured for their appointment.

We will anonymise all information that is shared with us. Your privacy is very important to us. 

If you would feel more comfortable sharing your experiences on the phone, please call our friendly helpdesk team on 0300 012 0122.

1. Please upload a copy of your confusing communications here.

(This could be a letter, email, text, voicemail, poster... anything that you've seen or received from the NHS that is confusing, unclear or doesn't make any sense.)

If you would prefer to manually type a section of the communications, you can use the 'Comments' field below.

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2. Tell us how you felt reading the confusing NHS communication.

For example - How did it make you feel?
Was the wording easy to understand?
Was there too much information?
Did you feel confused by anything?
Did you feel reassured?
Did you feel that you knew what to expect when you attended your appointment?


3. Was there any information or wording within the communication that you feel was unnecessary or wasn’t relevant to you?


4. Was there anything that you wanted to know, anything that would have been useful or reassuring for you, that wasn’t included?


5. If you have any other thoughts, feelings, concerns or comments, relating to the communications you receive or have seen/heard from health services, please share them here.


6. We may like to talk to you a bit more about your experiences and your views. If you would be happy for us to get in touch and discuss this in a bit more detail, please share your contact information below.