Your thoughts on what would make a great virtual event at the Turing

The Turing events are designed to teach, engage, and inspire people with all levels of data science and artificial intelligence experience. The Turing hosts a variety of events, including collaborative workshops, public lectures, conferences and seminars. 

More than ever, The Alan Turing Institute wants to continue to engage its community and provide interesting and relevant content. But we need your help to best understand how we can provide this as we move our event activity online. Please complete this short survey to tell us what matters most to you.

1. How are you connected to The Alan Turing Institute? *


2. Have you attended a Turing event in the past 6 months? *


3. Is there a specific reason why you have not attended a Turing event? *


4. Would you be interested in joining a Turing virtual event? *


5. Which of the following elements are important for virtual events? *

Very importantImportantNeutralSlightly importantNot important
Panel discussion
A seminar, 1-3 speakers
Breakout sessions
Opportunity to ask questions
The ability to network with other attendees and speakers
Access to view events again on demand
Presentation visuals
Video enabled
Polling / other interactivity

6. Generally speaking, do you prefer to attend in person or virtually? *


7. What is your preferred duration for a virtual event?


8. What topics would you like to hear about in this time? *


9. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for Turing virtual events?


10. If you are happy to be contacted in relation to your thoughts and ideas, please provide us with your details.