Why do I need to apply for consent?

Natural Resources Wales regulates the movement of fish within all inland waters in Wales. It aims to prevent the spread of fish disease and to minimise damage to fisheries or the environment that may be caused by inappropriate fish introductions. This means you must have written permission (consent) from us before you move fish from any inland water.

The FR2 form is to use fishing instruments (other than rod and line) and/or remove fish from inland waters only.
You must not remove any fish with an instrument, other than rod and line, before you have written permission from us. Doing so could result in prosecution.

If you need help and advice

Please get in touch with us if you need any help with your application or if you need general advice about fish stocking or fisheries management. You can contact us on 0300 065 3000 or at enquiries@naturalresources wales.gov.uk and ask for your local fisheries officer.

Register your Fishery

Since August 2009, fishery owners must register their fisheries with the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) under the Aquatic Animal Health Regulations. The regulations were introduced to maintain the high standards of fish health within the UK. Registration is a one-off procedure and there is no fee.
We will not be able to proceed with your fish movement application if your fishery has not been registered, and this may delay you receiving your fish movement consent. You will find further information and an application form (RW1) at www.efishbusiness.co.uk/registration/fisheries-registration.asp (opens in a new tab).

What you will receive and when

If your application is successful, you will be sent a consent document detailing the work you plan to do.
We require 20 working days to process your application, however, we will aim to do it within 10 days. This may take longer if the water you plan to introduce fish into has a conservation designation such as a SSSI, as we may need to consult with other organisations.

The written consent only applies to the date, the site and the fish you specify in your application form. If any of the details change, please contact us on 0300 065 3000 or at enquiries@naturalresources wales.gov.uk.