Our corporate parenting pledge

We recognise our part as a parent in the largest family in Wales!

In signing this pledge, we fully support the principles set out in this Charter and will live up to the common behaviours.   

We will ensure everything we undertake for care-experienced children and young people is underpinned by empowerment, equality, non-discrimination, participation, and accountability and protection and fully respects, protects and promotes your human rights under the UNCRC.

We will engage with children and young people to measure our success and commitment to the charter.

Our pledge is to:
  • W​​​​ork to deliver a better offer of help for you and all care-experienced children and young people in order for you to thrive and reach your potential.
  • Help you gain access to and make the best use of our services.
  • Act in your best interests and make you feel secure and well in our relationship with you.
  • Encourage you to express your views, wishes and feelings and where needed provide you with support to promote these. 
  • Ensure your voice is heard and actively considered in all decisions about you and explain why decisions have been made.
  • Provide you with information and resources that you need, in a way you understand.
  • Make sure we are accountable to you for the decisions we take and the outcomes that affect your life.
  • Help you to reach your potential.
  • Prepare you for leaving care and support you to thrive independently.
  • Ensure all staff are made aware of their corporate parenting responsibilities during their induction.

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