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Bury Jubilee Outdoor Pursuits Centre Feedback


1. What was the date of your visit?


2. How many people were in your group? Please class youth as those under the age of 24 years old. You can select more than one answer.


3. How did you find out about the Centre?


4. What was the purpose of your visit? Please tick all that apply.


5. With regards to your most recent experience, how did you find the booking process:


6. How satisfied were you with the level of cleanliness on arrival at the Centre?


7. How satisfied were you with the facilities of the Centre?


8. Were there any breakages / damages? Please do let us know so they can be replaced for future groups.


9. Did you change a gas cylinder? Please let us know in order that it can be replaced.


10. Have you any suggestions or recommendations to help the Committee improve your stay at the Centre?

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