Mental Health Strategy - Co-Production Survey


1. Introduction
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The pandemic has changed and disrupted the way many of us live, work, form relationships, participate in activities and enjoy ourselves.

As we emerge from the pandemic and some of us adjust to new ways of living, we need to ensure we look after ourselves to be physically and mentally well.

The Public Health team and mental wellbeing partners across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough are seeking to gain insight from people with and without lived experiences of mental health problems about what we should be doing to enable people to live in good mental health.

Please support us to develop a meaningful Public Mental Health Strategy that will focus on preventing the occurrence or worsening of mental health problems and will promote positive mental wellbeing to individuals and in our communities, by completing this survey.


In answering these questions, please think about how mental wellbeing affects you, your family, friends, relationships, work and your community.

Think about what works for you, what you think could benefit the people in your community and what could be done better.

Please Note
Individual responses are anonymous and will be collated into a summary report, which will be used to inform local Public Health Strategy relating to Mental Health. If you do not consent to your data being compiled and used for the specified purpose, please do not submit this survey.