Survey for professionals

Survey for professionals

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Thank you for your interest in the Review. This is a survey for all professionals, as individuals.

The Review needs to understand how the Mental Health Act promotes and protects people’s human rights in Scotland.

This survey is for people who have had experience of working with the Mental Health Act in Scotland at any time since 2005.

By this, we mean all professionals who have worked with people with learning disability or autism who were subject to the Mental Health Act, including professionals who have specific duties under this Act and other professionals.

You can decide how long to take with this survey. If you look above, you will see a progress bar that shows how much you have completed.

If you need help or more time to complete this survey:
  • You can contact the Review team by email on
  • You can use the 'save and continue' button. You will be emailed a link to come back to the survey later

Your answers are saved when you enter them.

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