1. Questions to allow SLAA members to have a say in future SLAA Retreats
SLAA Intergroup has approved forming a new Retreats Committee which is now working towards producing a blueprint for future SLAA residential retreats which are planned for the UK, both in the North and South of the country. An SLAA retreat would involve members staying for a period, most likely a weekend, at a retreat centre to focus on their recovery by attending meetings and perhaps recovery workshops. A retreat would probably consist of a multiple meeting format, hosting a series of meetings on different topics giving attendees options of which meetings to attend. There may or may not be speakers at these meetings, and the meetings would be lead by anyone wanting to step forward to give service, with pre-prepared script. There would also be food provided and social time as well as rest/recreation time during the retreat. Depending on the venue and location we estimate a weekend recovery retreat would cost from £120 to £250. A recovery retreat would be self supporting and non-profit making, either holding excess funds for a future retreat or passing them up to Intergroup. We would appreciate you taking the time to feedback what you would want from a SLAA retreat by answering the following questions:

1. What meeting topics would you like at a SLAA retreat?


2. Would you like to hear members give main speakers shares in these meetings, if this can be arranged, or would you prefer a reading and open sharing?


3. Would you like workshops in a SLAA retreat?


4. Would you like to work the steps in SLAA in an intensive manner at a SLAA retreat i.e. have a SLAA sponsor hold a series of workshops guiding you and other participants through the 12 steps in SLAA over the weekend?


5. In a previous SLAA retreat an outreach buddy system was used where participants were allocated a buddy (e.g. same sex or a gender you are most comfortable with) at the beginning of the retreat, with scheduled time for regular (but optional) checking in with their buddy. Would this be OK with you, and helpful do you think?


6. Would you like periods dedicated to prayer and meditation e.g. a morning meditation or step 11 meeting at the retreat?


7. Many traditions introduce periods of silence at retreats, to enable introspection and focus on the spiritual, how would you feel about this during an SLAA retreat?
Higher numbers are Yes


8. What dietary requirements would you need catering for?


9. Are there any other special needs you have?


10. Do you foresee any problems or concerns that might prevent you from feeling safe to attend a mixed SLAA retreat?


11. Are there any other ideas or suggestions you would like to share with us as we put together a blueprint for how official SLAA retreats are to be organised in the UK?

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