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1. Environment and Regulation Collective (EnReC)

The Environment & Regulation Collective (EnReC) is a Royal Society of Chemistry initiative set up to draw upon the experience and knowledge of our members, to ensure policy relating to environment and regulation  is informed by evidence from the chemical sciences community.

Any RSC member who has scientific expertise and knowledge of chemicals in the environment, including effects on humans and wildlife, and has an interest in how chemicals are regulated, is invited to join.
Expectations from those joining EnReC
- must be a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
- share knowledge and your expertise that will input into activities that link chemical sciences evidence to environmental and chemicals regulation 
- you may be invited to participate in specific ad hoc working groups
- you may be asked to input into consultations or other policy-based forums in written or verbal form, working together closely with RSC staff
- to recognise the separation of scientific evidence from policy in that the responsibility for any decisions, made on the basis of scientific evidence provided but also on other considerations, rests with the regulators and policymakers
- act within the RSC code of conduct (available on the RSC website), in particular to provide independent, informed advice, avoiding actual or perceived conflicts of interest
What you can expect in return
Opportunities to:
- attend meetings to discuss topical regulatory issues
- network with other scientists, regulators and policymakers
- receive priority notification of  environment & regulation activities
- contribute evidence to policy consultations, working alongside RSC staff 
- provide input into future RSC programmes in this area.

The EnReC will operate mainly as a virtual communication platform between RSC staff and RSC members, with opportunities to meet at workshops and symposia, and contribute by invitation to ad hoc working groups as required. In signing up to the EnReC, the information you provide will be held on our membership database as part of your RSC membership record and you are agreeing to RSC staff contacting you by telephone and email with communications on RSC activities in relation to the EnReC.
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