LKP Student Questionnaire US


1. Where do you buy course books from? Please tick all that apply *


2. What is your preferred method of obtaining course books? *


3. What is your incentive for buying a course book? Please tick all that apply *


4. Which format of books do you prefer? *


5. How much (if at all) do you spend per term on course books? *


6. When you’re struggling with a course-related challenge or lacking inspiration, where do you turn for help? Please tick all that apply *


7. Are you aware of specific publishers related to your chosen subject of studies? *


8. Would you be more likely to purchase course books directly from the Publisher if there were more perks offered (discounts, a loyalty scheme, special offers etc.)? *


9. Which websites/blogs do you regularly follow? Please list them below *


10. Which social media platforms do you use most? Please rank in order of preference *


11. Do you attend Student/Graduate fairs/Industry festivals/relevant events? If so, please specify which *


12. Is there a particular subject/trend/type of book that you think is missing? *


13. Please give us your email address so we can enter you in the draw to win $200 worth of LKP books *