Mystery Shopper Pharmacy


Please look at the questions before your visit and answer them afterwards.
Please do not take the questionnaire with you to the pharmacy.
Please do not announce yourself as being a mystery shopper or as being from Healthwatch Derby.

Please enter the following information into the box below:

Name of Healthwatcher

Visit to

Date of visit



1. Is the pharmacy easily accessible (walking/public transport/driving)?


2. Is there a ramp or flat access?


3. Can wheelchair users and people with mobility issues get in easily?




4. Are there signs providing information in your first language?


5. Were you acknowledged on arrival (eye contact, smiles, a greeting)?


6. Did the staff make you feel welcome and at ease?


7. Does the environment appear to be clean and well maintained?




8. Is information available clear and visible?


9. Is there hand gel available?


10. Is there information about the staff members and the person in charge?


11. Are security and fire procedures evident?




12. How long did you wait to be seen?


13. How long did you have to wait for your prescription?




14. Was the person you saw helpful?


15. Was there somewhere you could talk in private if you wished?


16. Did they give you all the information you needed?


17. Were you able to ask questions?


18. Did they explain your treatment and/or medication and what happens next?




19. How likely are you to recommend this pharmacy to friends or family if they needed similar care or treatment?




Anything else?