DSW Associate Profile
Registration Process

In order to be considered for work with DSW you will need to register and submit an up to date CV. Our registration portal plays a key part in our resourcing process, enabling you to showcase your talent and build your unique professional profile.
Your personal profile will enable us to match you against contracting opportunities that we have now and for those that arise in the future.

What you need to do
Step 1 – Personal Information
Please complete all personal information required. Some fields are mandatory and will be marked with * - your application cannot be submitted until all the mandatory fields have been completed. 

Step 2 – Business Information
Please complete all business information if applicable.

Step 3 – Skills
Please tick all the skills that are appropriate to your experience.

Step 4 – Qualifications
Please tick all qualifications you have achieved.

Step 5 – Apprenticeship Standards

Please tick all apprentice standards you have occupational experience in within the past 3 years

Step 6 – Digital Capabilities
Please tick all the digital capabilities that are appropriate to your experience. 
If you wish to exit the registration process and revisit it another time, select ‘Save and Continue Later’ - which will send you an email to the address provided, with instructions on how to complete the form.

Next Steps
Once your registration is complete we will upload your profile to our CRM system and a member of our resourcing team will be in touch.

If you have any queries whilst completing your profile please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at info@dsw.uk.net or call us on 01302 760 008 and will be happy to help.