Your wellbeing college is being co-designed with you; by you; for you!


1. We would like our Wellbeing college to be accessible; how would you like the programmes to be are offered. Please select your preferences from the list below:


2. In order for the Wellbeing College to be tailored to the needs of our community, we need to ensure we are co-designing courses which are meaningful to the people who will be using them.

Below are examples from other wellbeing college prospectus's. Please tick the ones which you think may be the most helpful for you.

Alternatively please add any other courses / programmes which you think you would benefit from in the comments box:


3. We need YOU to help us to create and shape the College; would you please indicate below if you are able to help?

We will get in touch with you during January / February 2022 to discuss how you would like to be involved.