Plymouth Public Procurement Partnership - Supplier Survey


1. This data is being collected solely for the purpose of informing the Plymouth Public Procurement Partnership and key stakeholders to help improve our engagement on public sector procurement.  In relation to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) do you agree to take part in this survey (in "no" please do not submit a response)


2. Have you tendered for contracts with Public Sector customers in the Southwest (or Plymouth?) in the last 12 months;


3. If "Yes" to question 1 above how would you describe the experience?


4. Over the next 24 months do you intend to pursue more business with Public Sector customers in the Southwest (or Plymouth?);


5. I am confident I understand how to get visibility of Public Sector opportunities in the Southwest (or Plymouth)?;


6. If made available I would be interested in accessing local training or advice about Public Sector tendering;


7. The top 3 things that would help me/my business engage more with Plymouth public sector tendering


8. What is the size of your organisation


9. Please provide your Companies Head Office Postcode


10. If different from Question 8 above please provide your companies local office postcode


11. Summary: Please feel free to add any further comments below:


12. Company Name (optional):