OMNI GAFFER Film Audio Production Client Survey


1. What is the name of the film you're answering this survey on behalf of, and what is your name and role in the production? *


2. How satisfied were you with the Audio Production service during this project? *


3. Please rate the following services provided by your Audio Production team, or answer Not Applicable if this service was not provided. *

Not Applicable as Service not providedService was Very PoorService was PoorService was OkayService was GoodService was Exceptional
Pre-production sound design and music consultation - Did we communicate professionally and thoroughly during pre-production to ascertain your sound requirements?
Location Audio Service - Did the audio team manage to adequately cover all your shoots and were they professional and effective when on-set?
Music Composition / Supervision - Were your production's music requirements handled to your satisfaction, and was the result to your liking?
Sound Effects, Foley and Atmosphere - Do all the non-musical aspects of your film sound as you expected them to?
Delivery Standards - Was the piece properly mixed, delivered on-time and to your specification?

4. What was the best thing about the audio team's work on this project?


5. Were there any issues with the audio team's work on this project?


6. How likely are you to call on us for our services again in the future?


7. Would you recommend us as an audio production team to other productions?


8. Please feel free to add any further comments in the field below.