Autism Family Support Team - Feedback Survey

1. Introduction

NHS Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group is seeking feedback from families who have used the services of the Autism Family Support Team which is provided by the Rotherham Council. We would like to hear your views to help us better understand the impact of the Service and to inform future delivery. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

1. When did you last use the Autism Family Support Team?


2. When was your child or young person first diagnosed with Autism?


3. Overall how satisfied were you with the help and support offered by the Autism Family Support Team following your child/young person’s diagnosis?


4. In your opinion which area of advice, information and support was most useful to you?  (tick all that apply)


5. What is the best way to find out about post-diagnosis support?


6. Did you find it easy to access the service when you needed it?


7. What difference did the Service make to you and your family? (please tick all that apply)

The Service helped me to:-


8. How do you feel the service could be improved?


9. Are there any other comments or feedback you would like to share with us?