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All Wales Survey for People with Minority Ethnic Heritage


1. All Wales Survey for People with Minority Ethnic Heritage
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The purpose of this survey is to gather your views about experiences and issues that you may be facing as a minority ethnic person living in Wales. By minority ethnic, we mean any person with any heritage other than White British. This includes people with African or Asian heritage, people with mixed heritage, and people from countries outside of the UK. This survey is being conducted as part of EYST's All Wales BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Engagement Programme, funded by Welsh Government.The information that you share will be used to identify the gaps in services, providing evidence to positively influence Welsh Government and other agencies so that future services can be improved to better meet your needs. Your general feedback will be included in reports which will be published on EYST website and shared with partners and with public bodies such as Welsh Government. This survey is anonymous and we do not ask for your personal details. We will ask for some information about you at the end to monitor how well we are doing at reaching a variety of people.
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1. Which part of Wales do you live in? (Name of City/ Town)

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2. What local authority do you live in?

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3. How long have you lived in Wales?

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