Hay Literature Festival Ask a Scientist

1. Ask A Scientist - Question Submission

We are looking forward to you coming to Professor Robert Winston's Ask a Scientist event at Hay on 28th May 2019. This will be an interactive session and we would love you to submit your child's science question for the chance to have Professor Robert Winston answer it. We can't guarantee your question will be picked, but Robert will try to answer as many as he can. The question and child's name will appear on a screen at the event. We aren't able to let you know in advance if your question has been chosen, we hope it will be a lovely surprise on the day. Please fill in the form below to submit your question. The closing date for questions is 13th May 2019.

1. What question about science would you like Robert Winston to answer: *


2. Child's first name (how you'd like it to appear on the screen if picked). Please do not provide their surname/last name or age. We will not use this and do not need this data. *


3. Now for the legal bit! DK takes the protection of your and your child's data very seriously so we need to cover a few things before you submit your child's question. Here's what you need to know that you are agreeing to by submitting all the above details:
  • You are confirming that you are over 18 and are the parent/guardian of the child listed above and have the right to share their information with us.
  • You agree that DK can use his/her question and first name on the screen at Robert Winston's event at Hay Literature Festival on 28th May 2019 only. 
  • Your child's question may be edited for sense or grammatical reasons
  • DK will keep you and your child's data in a secure UK based database run by our external survey provider
  • Your child's question may not be chosen for this event for Robert to answer 
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