Bedminster Green - River Malago Improvements

The River Malago has long held close connections with the communities that have lived and worked in Bedminster.

Like many urban rivers across the U.K., the industrial legacy of the area has given us a river that is far from its natural condition.

The Malago Green Community Planning Brief and Bedminster Green Framework both outline aspirations of improving the river as it flows through the regeneration area, shown on the adjacent map. In order to make these a reality, Bristol City Council is working closely with the Bedminster Green developers on proposals to:

1. Improve the river bed and banks by introducing more vegetation

2. Open the river out in the existing green and reduce some ground levels to provide some space for flood water.

The council is looking at designs for viable river improvements, which could be undertaken in the area.

An important part of developing designs for the river is for us to understand what the community want to see from the improved river and green. In this survey we provide information to help you understand the reasons behind the project, our thoughts on how it could be improved, the constraints we are working within and our programme of activities to deliver the improvements.
This Engagement

Through this engagement, we are seeking your views on how you want the green to look, and how you want to use it in the future. We are not asking for your opinions on the development plots themselves as the developers have and will be consulting with you separately on those.

1. How do you currently use the green/area?


2. If you currently don't use the green/area as much as you would like, why not? (tick all that apply)


3. To look at the best changes to make, please can you tell us how you would you like to use the green in the future?