Bedminster Green - Transport Improvements

The Bedminster Green regeneration provides a significant opportunity to support active and sustainable transport by creating an environment that increases walking, cycling and public transport opportunities whilst minimising private car use.

Bedminster Green benefits from being close to an existing railway station; the A38; existing bus routes; the East Street shopping area and is within a comfortable walking and cycling distance of the city centre. However the quality of existing infrastructure is poor and does little to encourage safe cycling and walking , whilst buses become delayed by congestion.

Bristol City Council has been working with developers to ensure that any major growth occurs alongside improvements to public transport, walking and cycling whilst avoiding overspill parking to the detriment of the local community.
This Engagement

Through this online survey, we are seeking your views on how you envisage transport and movement may be improved in this area, and how you intend to travel through, to and from the area in the future. The survey also includes specific questions about possible improvements to the A38 and Whitehouse Lane. We are not asking for your opinions on the development proposals themselves as this is covered by the planning process.

1. What is your full postcode, e.g. BS3 4HT.

If you are responding on behalf of a business or other organisation, please provide the postcode of the organisation’s premises in Bristol.


2. How do you use the area at the moment? (Please tick all that apply)


3. Please tell us how important you think each of the following is in the area. You can add other priorities at the end.

Very important Important Slightly importantNot at all important
Reduced air pollution
Less traffic noise
Better road safety
More parking for residents
More parking for visitors
Better bus services
Better cycling routes
Other 1, please specify
Other 2, please specify
Other 3, please specify

4. If you selected other in the question above, please specify:


5. How do you normally travel for most of your journeys in the area?