Blackwater & Hawley Neighbourhood Plan - Second Consultation

Dear Resident,

Your Town Council in collaboration with a group of interested residents are developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Blackwater and Hawley parish.

This will be an opportunity to address town planning matters and promote a better town and country environment. A primary goal is how we can improve Blackwater and Hawley. To this end, we are collecting residents’ views on how they would like Blackwater and Hawley to develop and to identify a vision and objectives that will attract widespread support.

Therefore, we hope you will be able to complete the questionnaire below.


1. What is your connection to Blackwater and Hawley? (Tick all that apply) *


2. Housing - Who should identify future sites for housing development in the Neighbourhood Plan?

Prefer not to sayStrongly DisagreeSlightly DisagreeSlightly AgreeStrongly Agree
The Community via the Neighbourhood Plan
Builders and Developers should decide
Hart District Council should decide

3. Housing - Can you recommend any sites for development within the Parish?


4. Housing - What profile of development is more important? (Please rank importance from 1 to 4, where 1 is highest)


5. Housing - Which of these do you consider to be important considerations for housing development or modification?

Prefer not to sayStrongly DisagreeSlightly DisagreeSlightly AgreeStrongly Agree
To match the current style and size of the nearby area
To use modern or innovative design
To use sustainable design and be energy efficient

6. Historical - Are there any historical attributes of Blackwater and Hawley that you think should be protected? (e.g. the London mile marker stones)


7. Green Infrastructure - Thinking about Blackwater and Hawley's green spaces...

Prefer not to sayStrongly DisagreeSlightly DisagreeSlightly AgreeStrongly Agree
Trees and green areas should be protected from development
The public areas in residential areas should be “greened” by provision of flowers, shrubs and trees
Wildlife should be protected and habitats improved where necessary
Litter and graffiti should be removed as soon as possible

8. Green infrastructure - Are there any other environmental improvements that you would like to see?


9. Leisure - How important are the following leisure facilities in Blackwater and Hawley?

Prefer not to sayUnimportantSlightly ImportantImportantVery Important
Play areas
Leisure Centre gym
Sports facilities at the Leisure Centre (e.g. sports pitches)
Facilities for groups to meet at Hawley Memorial Hall and Leisure Centre
Hawley Green
Private facilities (e.g. private gyms and leisure classes at private facilities)
Water sports at Hawley Sailing Club

10. Leisure - How well do existing leisure facilities in Blackwater and Hawley cater for the following groups?:

Prefer not to sayVery inadequatelyInadequatelyAdequatelyVery Adequately
Young children
Senior adults

11. Leisure - Are there any other leisure facilities that you would like to be available in Blackwater and Hawley (for example: areas to socialise, allotments)? If so, please specify:


12. Transport - How well do existing transport facilities in Blackwater and Hawley cater for our needs?

Prefer not to sayVery inadequatelyInadequatelyAdequatelyVery Adequately
Local roads
Bus services
Rail network
Cycle paths
Town centre car parking

13. Transport - Are there improvements to transport facilities you would like to see in Blackwater and Hawley? If so, please specify:


14. Town Centre and Employment - How often do you use Blackwater town centre?


15. Town Centre and Employment - What types of businesses do you (mostly) visit in Blackwater town centre?


16. Town centre and Employment - Should the current mix of shops and amenities in Blackwater town centre be maintained?


17. Town centre and Employment - Thinking about the current layout of Blackwater town centre...


18. Finally, if you would like to remain informed about the Neighbourhood Plan please leave your email address below:
(We will not share your email address with anyone else and will only use it to contact you regarding the Neighbourhood Plan)