Regulatory Radar: outlook survey 


We are delighted to launch our inaugural Regulatory Radar: outlook survey in partnership with The Centre for Legal Leadership.

Throughout the year, our Regulatory Radar updates provide essential insights into the evolving regulatory landscape, informing businesses of changes enacted by the UK's regulators and the potential implications for their operations.

To enhance our offerings and gain deeper insight into the challenges and priorities facing professionals in the regulatory field, we invite in-house legal professionals, compliance officers, and leadership personnel to share their perspectives on the regulatory environment's dynamic nature.

This is an opportunity for in-house legal professionals to influence the conversation around regulatory developments and their implications for businesses, and share insights into the regulatory changes that concern you the most.

In appreciation of your time, all participants completing the survey will receive priority booking for our Regulatory Masterclasses, hosted as part of our flagship event, Beyond the Radar, on 18 September. Your participation not only shapes our research, but also ensures you stay ahead in the rapidly changing regulatory landscape.

Responses to each question are optional and you are able to leave any questions you are unable to answer blank.


1. If you are a business, please specify the number of employees in your organisation:


2. Please select the sector in which your organisation operates


3. In which continents does your organisation operate?


4. What title best describes your role within the organisation?


5. Do you have board responsibilities within your role?


6. What can law firms do to help support GCs and in-house legal teams and build better relationships with the board? Please provide your insights.


7. Please name the UK regulator(s) you engage with most frequently:


8. Do you often have to engage multiple UK regulators on the same issue or area?


9. When engaging with multiple UK regulators, is it clear which regulator is responsible for a specific issue or area, and how their mandates interact? 


10. Within your role, do you operate in a multi-jurisdictional regulatory environment?


11. What are your organisation's top three regulatory priorities for the next 18 months?  Please rank them in order of importance.


12. What do you consider the biggest challenge of regulation?


13. Considering the recent updates featured in Regulatory Radar, which of the following areas will have the most significant impact on your organisation? (Please select all that apply)


14. What recent regulatory changes do you consider likely to have the most impact on your organisation's operations, strategic planning, and risk management processes?


15. Does your organisation face challenges in navigating and complying with cross-border regulations, e.g. data transfers, tax compliance? If yes, please elaborate on the specific challenges encountered.


16. Rate the effectiveness of your organisation's risk management strategies


17. What methods does your organisation use to support its risk management strategy? (Please select all that apply):


18. How frequently does your organisation conduct formal risk assessments?


19. To what extent do you consider your organisation to be protected from risk? 


20. How would you rate the priority level of ESG issues for your organisation over the next 18 months?


21. Which strategies is your organisation employing to align with ESG compliance?


22. Do you consider ESG a board-level issue within your organisation?


23. What are the biggest challenges your organisation faces in achieving ESG goals?


24. In relation to which areas of ESG do you anticipate instructing outside counsel in the coming two years?


25. How frequently does your organisation conduct ESG reporting and measurement?


26. Rate the anticipated impact of AI regulation on your organisation's operations and compliance efforts.


27. Identify the primary benefits and opportunities your organisation seeks from AI technology.


28. What specific AI regulatory challenges are your organisation focusing on?


29. To what extent do you consider your organisation to be ready for addressing AI regulatory challenges?


Please note, your details will not be used for any other purpose and all survey responses are aggregated and anonymised. Responses are strictly confidential and used for research and analysis purposes only. 

To ensure anonymity of responses, please do not include any information in the free text fields that may identify you.

Information on how we process your personal data can be found in our Privacy notice.