Our Manchester
Manchester has high hopes for the next 10 years - based on what residents, businesses and others who care about the city say they want Manchester to become. Besides getting the basics right - bins, roads, schools, transport, parks, etc - Manchester has said it wants to be healthier, happier, better off and greener. It also wants to be the kind of city where every one of us can join in and benefit from our city’s growing success.

Public services like the Council and health services are a key part of making Manchester better. And they want to know how YOU think they’re doing. Not only that: they want to know what part YOU, your family, friends and community could play. Because no single organisation or group can make Manchester into the best it can be. That can only happen we all get involved and play our part.

Make a start by doing this 10-minute survey of how you think Manchester is shaping up.