Workbook for children aged 4 to 10 - feedback from adults

We'd love to hear what you think about our workbook for children aged 4 to 10: When someone close has MND, and the accompanying leaflet for adults.

The workbook is designed for a trusted adult to use with a child. Our hope is that the workbook content and activities help open conversations about MND.

The content includes some of the more sensitive aspects of MND, in age-appropriate wording to share with children. However, it's designed so that a trusted adult can share loose leaf pages, at a pace they feel is right for each child.

There are 6 questions in this survey for adults. A separate survey with 5 questions has been provided for children to give their feedback too.

Please be aware that your answers may be used as anonymous quotes to help us raise awareness of family and children's needs in our information, campaigning for services or to seek funding.

Thank you so much for your support as your feedback will help us continue improving our resources.


1. Which of the following describes you best?


2. I know a child close to someone with MND and I am:


3. How well do you feel the workbook will help children find out about MND?


4. Can you tell us what you like best in the workbook and why you think it will help children? (type your answer in this box)


5. Is there anything you'd like us to change, remove or add in the workbook? (type your answer in this box)


6. Do you have any suggestions or comments about the companion booklet to guide adults? (type your answer in this box)