Creative Industries in Kilmarnock

1. Creative spaces in Kilmarnock

We  at East Ayrshire Council are looking at how to improve the range of creative spaces available for businesses in Kilmarnock town centre.   Creative spaces could  host  a wide range of business activities, providing support for networking, business development and community engagement within the creative industries sector. 
We have identified a number of vacant buildings within Kilmarnock town centre which could be restored and adopted as spaces for a range of creative activities.  Not only would this result in new business opportunities, but crucially, would help to regenerate the town centre. 
By completing this short survey, you will help us to gauge the likely demand for creative spaces as part of the wider regeneration of Kilmarnock. This consultation is open until Wednesday 6 November 2019

1. What is your connection with Kilmarnock Town Centre *


2. Do you own a business in Kilmarnock? *


3. Do you think there are enough spaces for creative activities within Kilmarnock Town Centre? *


4. Would you make use of dedicated premises for creative activities if they were available in Kilmarnock Town Centre? *


5. What type of creative space would you be interested in? *


6. what facilities do you think are most important in a creative space (rank in order of importance where 1 is the most important and 10 is the least important)

high speed internet access
onsite parking
24 hour access
flexible leasing
meeting rooms
event/exhibition space
reception services
break out space
access to business support

7. Do you have any other comments?


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