Polypharmacy: survey of strategies and actions across London

Tell the London RMOC about your approaches to tackling inappropriate polypharmacy. Organisations across London are invited to complete this survey by the 9th February 2018 to inform the work of the London RMOC on this important issue.

1. The name of your organisation *


2. Type of organisation


3. To what extent is polypharmacy considered a priority within your organisation?


4. To what extent is polypharmacy a priority across the STP in which your organisation sits?


5. Which external partners are you engaged with on this work?


6. What is the location of your service?


7. What services in your locality are designed to address prescribing of more medicines than are clinically required (problematic pharmacy)?


8. What were the reasons for your specific choice of the type of service?


9. Is your service either specifically commissioned, part of a broader package of MO support, or provided in some other way? Please describe.


10. Is the service spread across a CCG or STP population, or is confined to a particular distinct locality? Please describe.


11. How do you identify your cohort of service users (data, systems)?


12. What tools do you use, if any, to manage people at risk of medicines-related problems as part of medication review?


13. What data categories are being captured?


14. What impact is being measured?


15. How do you extrapolate impact across your organisation? e.g.


16. What staff resource, and in particular what skill mix, does the service require?


17. Your contact details:
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