Purchase Order Number Format - Transition to Oracle

1. Introduction

As part of the next steps on our Core Technology Refresh Programme (CTRP) we will be moving our orders in a phased way (based on supply channel and warehouse implementations) to our new Oracle based Order Management System (OMS).

We already embarked on the first phase using Oracle OMS for our eDirect orders earlier this year (2022) which has been successful.

We are now embarking on switching all the rest of our orders (Blue Diamond and Stock orders) to the new order number format as well beginning in the last quarter of 2022 calendar year.

 The result of this is that all orders from NHS Supply Chain  you will receive we will be changing order number format from the current format of X0000000X (e.g. A1306445D) to the new Oracle order number format of X100000000 (e.g. X100000023). 

In order for this change to be managed with minimal disruption to order processing we would like you to fill in the below short questionnaire so that we can determine whether we need to have any specific follow up calls with your organisation so that you can continue to accept, process and dispatch orders that you receive from NHS Supply Chain.

Please note that we are asking for your contact details at the end of this critical questionnaire so we can manage responses.

In order to minimise impacts for both of our organisations we are asking you to complete the questions below which should only take you 5 minutes.

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